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We are an All American Family Business, and we’ve been in trucking since the 1930s. When it’s time to file your IRS taxes, you want an easy to use website, a good price, and no B.S.

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Custom Built for Truckers Like You

You are either a trucker or you’re helping a trucker. (Otherwise why are you here?) You’re probably used to doing things alone. For yourself. Without help. Sure, you may have questions from time to time, and we’re here to help you with that, but generally you don’t need anybody telling you what to do. Nagging you with reminder texts or robocalls. Blowing up your inbox every other day with another newsletter or holiday sale. Who needs that BS?

Besides, the 2290 is pretty simple. It’s just your business name, address, phone number, EIN, and Truck information. It’s not rocket science. We ask for your info, you fill it in. It’s as easy as filling in the blanks.

That’s why we created We’re here to help if you need us, but not going to bother you if you don’t. We won’t email you 7 billion times a year. We won’t nag you on social media (we don’t even have social media). We’ll just be there if you need us. So go ahead and file your 2290 whenever you need it – no pressure.

All American

We are 100% American Owned, Built, Operated, and Funded. Nothing is offshore, and that’s not the norm these days. So check the competition and see for yourself.

It’s Easy

We’ve used over a decade of experience to build this website and make it the most user friendly 2290 website in the business. It doesn’t get any easier.

You Can Trust Us

Here at 2290’s we take information security seriously. Your information never leaves the U.S. and we strictly follow industry best practices to protect your data.

Get your Schedule 1 Fast

We typically return IRS Stamped Schedule 1’s in 20 min or less. That’s fast. And if there’s a problem, some reason we can’t be that fast, then we’ll call you.

IRS Recommends e-filing

The IRS doesn’t want you to paper file, it’s too difficult for them. They want you to e-file. They say it’s easier, faster, and secure. Their words (and ours too).

Pay Taxes by Credit Card

We process your Taxes, your filing fee, and whatever else you need in one easy step. One charge on your credit card for one easy job. It’s not complicated.

Pet Friendly

I mean come on?! Who doesn’t love dogs and cats … Am I right?? Maybe you’re a bird person? No? A Tiger! You’ve got a Tiger?! How does that work in the truck?

No B.S.

We like to joke, and we like a good laugh. But your 2290 taxes are serious business. Choose 2290’s to be treated like the serious business your operations are.

e-File Your 2290

The most important thing that you came to this site to do, is actually file your 2290. And the 2290 is easy! Anybody can do it. The basics are the Name, EIN, Address, Phone, VIN and Vehicle Weight. This isn’t rocket science, it’s 1st grade homework. So we made it as easy to use our website, and to e-file, as doing your first grade homework. Try it and see for yourself.

Your Business

Nobody likes having to type all the same stuff over and over and over again. So we give you one place to save all your business information, and it’s automatically entered each time you start a new 2290. Save typing with your thumbs, or typing at all, and prevent mistakes while you’re at it. Working with saved info prevents mistakes, typos, and hassle.

Your Fleet Center

Who enjoys typing 17 digit VINs?!? Anybody? No. That’s B.S. Nobody likes doing that. So if you’ve done it once, and your trucks are the same, why should you have to do it again, every time you file? Use our Fleet Center to manage up to 100 trucks from your computer or smart phone, and include them in your filing with a simple click.