Fully disclosed, easy to read and understand, publicly available pricing. You’d think this would be the norm, but it really isn’t. So many other vendors out there hide their pricing deep in their FAQ pages, or only show it to you when you’re ready to check out. But not us. Here’s the pricing, plain as day.

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1-24 Trucks

$29.99 / per E-File

That’s it. We keep it simple. No gimmicks, no add-ons to jack up your price, and no tricks. What you see is what you get. Everything’s included. I don’t know how many ways there are to say it, but here’s one more. This pricing is simple.

25+ Trucks

$59.99 / per E-File

That’s right, it’s the same price no matter how many trucks you want to report. If you’ve got 25 trucks, it’s the same price as if you’ve got 2,500 trucks. You’re doing all the heavy lifting after all. So file for all your trucks now and save some dough.

Taxes on your Credit Card

5% of Tax

You can put taxes on your credit card for a simple 5% fee. We’ll charge your card once for the filing fee, taxes, and 5%. It’s that easy. Other sites make you find a second company and charge your card over there. Not us. We keep it simple.

Vin Corrections Free


You read that right, VIN Corrections cost zero dollars and zero cents. While the other amendments do have a fee, VIN Corrections are Free. Because nobody should have to pay the price for a typo. Typing in a 17-digit VIN is punishment enough.

No BS – just simple, fully disclosed pricing.

You are either a trucker or you’re helping a trucker. (Otherwise why are you here?) You’re probably used to doing things alone. For yourself. Without help. Sure, you may have questions from time to time, and we’re here to help you with that, but generally you don’t need anybody telling you what to do. Nagging you with reminder texts or robocalls. Blowing up your inbox every other day with another newsletter or holiday sale. Who needs that BS?